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Definitions of Miracles

Hume - Defined as 'transgression of a natural law by a particular violation of the deity'

McKinnon - If laws of nature merely describe the actual course of events defining miracles is self contradictory as its an event that disrupts the course of events

Swinburne - science shows laws of nature to be indeterministic. So God's interventions may only be following laws of nature we do not yet understand

R.F. Holland - Boy on Railway. Miracles aren't violations of nature but personal experiences that happen to have a religious experience

Tillich - Normal experiences that are given religious importance to those how view them that way e.g. Jesus in the bible

Dawkins - Coincidencs that are seen as significant can't be called miracles, but rather reflect a placebo affect

Wittgenstien - private language: if there is no public verification then it…


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