Minority Influence- Key study

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Moscivici et al 1969


each group have 4 naive participants and two confederates, they were shown a series of blue slides which only varied in intensity and asked to judge the colour.

consistent condition: the confederates repeatedly called the slides green 

inconsistent condition: the confederates called the slides green 2/3 of the time 

control condition: all participants called the slides blue 


consistent condition: minority influence of 8% of the trials got them to call them green

inconsistent condiditon: result did not differ significantly from the control condition 

afterwards the p's were interviewed individually and asked to sort 16 coloured discs into either blue or green, some discs were distinctly blue or green and the others could be either or. p's from the consistent and incosistent conditions set their thresholds at different points- p's from the consistent condition viewed more of the chips as green. conclusion- the initial influence was more private than public (opposite of compliance)

Consistency: if the minority adopt a consistent approach, the majority will come to reasses the situation and consider the issue more carefully. (demonstrated in Moscivici's study above)

Commitment: it suggests certainty, confidence and courage because joining the minority…


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