Minority influence

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Minority influence is a form of social influence where members of the majority group change their beliefs or behaviours as a result of their exposure to a persuasive minority.

In order to do this, the minority must be:


- staility in the expressed position over time and agreement among different members of the minority. 

- as a result others will reassess the situation and consider the issue more carefully


- the degree to which members of a minority are dedicated to a particlar cause or activity. The greater the perceived commitment, the greater the influence. It's important because it suggests certainty, confidence and courage in the face of a ostile majoirt.  

-Persuades majority members to take them seriously or even convert to their position


- a willingness to be flexible and compromise when expressing a position

- as minorities arent as powerful as majorities, they have to negotiate their position as oppose to enforcing it.

- if they're not flexible enough tet will appear narrow-minded and rigid, but if they're too flexible they will appear inconsistent

Key study: Moscovici:

  • Participants were shown blue slides varying in intensity. In the consistent condition the two confederates called all the blue slides…


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