Minority Influence

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Minority Influence...

    • If minority adopt a consistant and committed argument they can change the views of the majority as a result
    • Minority views tend to be longer lasting as people have had to be convinced that they are true so individuals tend to internalise the minority views causing them to change their minds.
    • Minority arguments must be consistent, committed and flexible in order to have the desired effect
  •  1. Consistency - When individuals are first exposed to a minority view they automatically assume that the minority is wrong. However, if the minority are consistent with their view it may cause some individuals to reconsider and assess their current belief and consider the view more carefully
  • 2. Committment - It is difficult to ignore the minority when they are both consistent and committed. Committment is more important because it suggests confidence, courage and certainty. Because joining a minority has greater risk for an individual the level of committment tends to be higher. Greater committment to the monority view the more likely the majority are going to consider the view and take it seriously.
  • 3. Flexibility - Mugney suggests that flexibility is more influential than an argument being rigid. Becasue minorities are powerless compared to the…


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