Mineral deficiency symptoms in plants

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Magnesium ions- if a plant is deficient in magnesium ions, it may become a paler yellow colour rather than the usual green, and growth may be stunted. This is due to the fact that magnesium is most commonly found in the leaves of the plant, where photosynthesis occurs. Without magnesium ions or with a lower level, the rate of photosynthesis is significantly reduced. In addition, magnesium forms the central atom of chlorophyll, which is the pigment which gives plants their characteristic green colour. Therefore, the plant becomes a paler yellow. The stunted growth is due the fact that the process of photosynthesis is not occurring at its normal rate.

Calcium ions- if a plant is deficient in calcium ions, it could result in stunted growth. This is because calcium is found in the cello as calcium pectate, one of the main components of the…


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