Milgram's study

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Background: Milgram was Jewish and was interested to see whether an event like the Holocaust would ever happen again

Aim: To investigate the process of obedience, to demonstrate the power of a legitimate authority even when the command requires destructive behaviour

Sample: Advertised for 500 men  that had a range of jobs in New Haven, USA to take part in what he pretended to be a memory test. It was a vounteer/ self-selecting sample where the end result was 40 men between 20-50 years. Each participant was to be paid $4.50. 


  •  Participant and confederate (playing role of an accountant) draw lots so when the participant gets the role of the teacher it appears to be by chance when it actually was not.
  • The confederate and participant were in different rooms so the participant could not see what was meant to be happening to the confederate
  • Confederate replies to questions asked by participant through buttons, if…


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