Milgram base study notes (APPRC (Description) + GRAVE(Evaluation))

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Milgram's Base Study:



- To see if people will obey an authority figure to the extent that they go against their own conscience and harm others

- To see if Non-Germans would harm others if told to by an authority figures


- 40 American Males

- Paid ($4 each + travel fare) and were volunteers

- were brought to Yale University and told that they were going to be used in an experiment to test learning.


- Participants were drew lots in a rigged draw and were 'made' to be the teacher.

- Participants were told by an authority figure (a scientist, in reality an actor) that they had to make increasingly higher voltage shocks to the 'student' if they did not answer a question or answered a question incorrectly. Before they started, they were given a 45V sample to show the shocks were 'real'. They were also told that no tissue damage would be done.

- Participants had to ask the 'student' (in reality an actor) questions about word pairs, from which if the student did not answer or gave the wrong answer, the 'teacher' had to shock them.

- No shocks were in-fact given but the answers were scripted and the actor would also shout for help.

- If a participant wanted to leave, they were given verbal prompts by the scientist to stay, for example: "The experiment requires you to carry on."


- 100% of participants obeyed until 300V, and here 5 people left the experiment.

- 65% of participants obeyed until 450V (highest)

- Participants were seen as stressed when wanting to leave, for example biting nails,


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