Miles Davis

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Miles Davis – All blues

Tonality - The key of this piece is modal

Harmony – It is based around the 12 bar blues sequence:

G7         /     G7      /     G7     /    G7

C7        /      C7     /      G7    /  G7

D7#9  /  Eb7#9  /      G7    /  G7

There are altered chords in bars 9 and 10 of this sequence, these chords have a 7th and a sharpened 9th added to them.

Melody – During the head(main tune section), it is based on a simple motif. Uses a leap of a major 6th. Has an upper mordent. When the head returns at the end, the melody is developed. During Davis’ solo, he uses a mixolydian mode. Davis uses a diminished scale over


leah burton


this is really good, but i just noticed that i think the 12 bar blues is slightly wrong as the last line is D7#9 / Eb7#9 /  D7#9 / G7 / G7 -as the bit in bold is only 2 notes long instead of 4 



thanks so much!

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