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  • What is Migration?

Migration= movement of people from 1 area to another

Immigration= people moving into an area. The people are known as immigrants

Emigration= people leaving an area. people are known as emigrants

Net migration= the difference between the number of immigrants and emigrants in a country

Internal migration= people moving between places within a country

Economic migrants= people who move voluntarily for jobs or higher wages

Refuges= people who are forced to leave a country due to war ot natural disasters

Why migrate?

push factors: the bad things about where you live that make you want to move. These include, shortage of jobs and low wages, poor health care and poor education and war or natural disasters

pull factors: the good things about the place you are mvoing to that make you want to move. These include jobs and higher wages, better health care and education, feedom of speech, little crime and better enviroment

Urbanisation: The growth of cities (rising percentage of people living in urban areas)


  • In MEDCs: this happened during the industrial revolution of the 1800s. people migrated from countryside areas to cities with good work and factories.
  • In LEDCS: this happened 100 years later (from 1950s onwards) becuase of push and full factors. push factors are that lack of services in the countryside, e.g. shops, schools, healthcare, no imcome meaning no food. Pull factors are that, more jobs, higher wages in industry, clean water and electricity


  • overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution, more crime, more waste, shortage of houses and jobs. in LEDCs shanty towns are a main problem of urbanisation.


  • build more houses and attract industry to create more jobs, ease traffic congestion and pollution by improving public transport, improve services like water and electricty, improve shanty towns through self-help schemes. also build and upgrade schools.

Counter-Urbanisation= people moving from urban areas (cities) to rural areas(countryside) happening alot recently in MEDCs


  • push factors are that cities have pollution, traffic congestion, higher crime rates, more expensive houses,
  • pull factors are that better transport links in rural areas, growth…


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