migration in the middle ages

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lots of foreign people lived in england in middle ages:

foreigners were called 'aliens'

most foreigners were from british isles and low countries and even the middle east

most foreigners lived in towns 

skilled craftsmen and labourers:

many foreigners came to trade+work in england

flemings from low countries came to make a living as skilled weavers+clothmakers

flemings were a key part of england's textile industry

italian bankers+moneylenders came to england after jews were expelled

kings wanted foreign merchants to come to england:

merchants brought supplies to england which kept prices low

king could tax foreign merchants heavily

1303 foreign merchants had to pay taxes at a higher rate than english merchants

this prevented english people getting angered

in return kings offered protection+special rights to keep them in england

they did not have to pay local taxes which benefitted the king too



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