Midsummer Night's Dream Act One Scene One Helena

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these are basically for learning lines for midsummer night's dream if you are playing helena. sorry, they have the cuts for my performance so not all content is there. hopefully you'll get the option to change to speech though to help with lines learning!!

Act One Scene One

Lysander: Keep promise, love. Look, here comes Helena.

Enter Helena

Hermia: God speed, fair Helena! Whither away?

Helena: Call you me fair? That “fair” again unsay.

Demetrius loves your fair: O happy fair!

Your eyes are lodestars, and your tongue’s sweet air

More tuneable than lark to shepherd’s ear

When wheat is green, when hawthorn buds appear.

O, teach me how you look, and with what art

You sway the motion of Demetrius’ heart.

Hermia: I frown upon him; yet he loves me still.

Helena: O that your frowns would teach my smiles such skill!

Hermia: I give him curses; yet he gives me love.

Helena: O that my prayers could such affection move!

Hermia: The…


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