Middles through time - medival times :)))

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  • The role of the Church increases
  • The roman public health system collapses
  • There are more wars, which are frequent (inter city wars)
  • More superstitious ideas rather than rational ideas which means that people look to God rather than looking for medical answers… so the role of medicine decreases.
    • The Roman public health system collapses and fall into disrepair and so there is more loss of rational ideas.
    • More frequent wars… so it is less difficult to move and so people there is little communication between doctors.
    • The word of the Bible.

Flagellants (whipping yourself as they thought that God sent Black Death to punish them.)

Scrofula (King … could cure the disease by a touch… obvious rubbish… but still believed as this is what the church promoted.)

They also believed in the D-Day… and so thought that if they believed in God that they could go to Heaven. Everyone wanted to go to Heaven and so everyone went to church


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