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Microscopes let us see things that we can't see with the naked eye. The microscopy techniques we can use have developed over the years as technology abd knowledge have improved. Light microscopes use light and lenses to form an image of a specimen and magnify it. They let us see individual cells and large subcellular, like nuclei. Electron microscopes use electrons instead of light to form an image. They have a much higher magnification than light microscopes. They also have a higher resolution. Electron microscopes let us see much smaller things in more detail, like the internal structure of mitochondria and chloroplasts. They even let us see tinier things like ribosomes and plasmids.

The formula for magnification is:



How to prepare a slide to view onion cells:

1) Add a drop of water to the middle of a clean slide

2) Cut up an onion and separate it out into layers. Use tweezers to peel off some epidermal tissure from the bottom of one of the layera

3) Using the tweezers, place the


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