Microbes in food production.

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Why do we use microbes?

Microbes can be used in lots of different ways to make different things, many of the thing that we use everyday are made using microbes.

One of the most usefull microbes we use is yeast. They can respire anearobically and aerobically, meaning they can make a range of different foods. The anaerobic respiration of yeast is called fermentation.

When is aerobic respiration in yeast used?

In bread production yeast is used to make the bread rise. When yeast respire they release carbon dioxide, which forms air bubbles in the dough therefore making it rise.

Yeast is also used to make alcoholic drinks, by fermenting fruit, which produces ethanol (alcohol). Yeast must be supplied with carbohydrates in order to act as an energy source so the yeast can respire.

How do we use bacteria?

Microorganisms are used to make food products such as yoghurt and cheese.


Yoghurt is formed when by the action of bacteria on the lactose in the milk. This lactose is converted into lactic acid by a lactic fermation reaction, the bacteria breaks down the lactose. This changes the texture into a thick creamy substance, it also…


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