Mice Of Men-Inevitalbitly

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What do you think is the most significant detail which suggests inevitability?


I think that Steinbeck uses Lennie’s animal and childish manner to present inevitability throughout the story line. It is clear from the beginning of the novel that Lennie is rather dim in comparison to George. We see this when they first enter the clearing, when Lennie goes to drink from the pool: ‘Drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse’ the comparison horse shows that Lennie is more single-minded and instinctive than human like, thinking it through. This is heightened by George’s reaction ‘Lennie. For God’s sake don’t drink so much.’ Here we see that George has some authority over Lennie, this has connotations that George is the leader and Lennie follows behind. Not far on in the chapter Lennie asks George where they are going to next, where we learn that Lennie is quite forgetful and need reminding a lot of the time, the response from his companion again encourages he is the leader of the two ‘Might just spen’ all my time tellin’ you things and then you forget ‘em,’ George’s authoritative role shows he has an influence over Lennie. As we know Lennie is a little childish so their friendship sometimes resembles a parent and child, which in many cases a child would disobey them at some point, this shows inevitability as Lennie may get himself into trouble for not listening.

We learn that Lennie is much stronger than he, himself underestimates when he pulls a dead mouse out of his pocket. At first Lennie denies having anything in his pocket ‘“Ain't a thing in my pocket,” Lennie said cleverly ‘in turn again resembles child like behavior, after we find out he has a dead mouse that he may most probably killed by accident, George throws it away and then Lennie goes back for it this supports the idea of disobeying child. We the readers find out that both Lennie and George came from a…


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