Mice of men section three in detail

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Slim gives one of the puppies from his litter to Lennie

Slim and Ge talk about Lennie, Ge explains he took over caring for Lennie when his Aunt Clara died. "Got kinda used to each other after a while"

Ge explains why they were run out of Weed. He reassures Lennie did not **** the girl and patiently makes Lennie put the puppy back with its mother when Lennie tries to smuggle him out of the barn into the bunk house.

Carlson persuades a reluctant Candy to let him kill his dog and 'put it out of his misery'. He uses a Luger pistol

Whit shoes Slim a letter written to a magazine of cowboy stories by a previous ranch hand who has left

Whit asks Ge to come with the rest of the men the vist the local brothel and a night on the town when they next go

Curley bursts in looking for his wife and argues over her with Slim

Ge and Lennie discuss the dream and Candy asks to buy himself in with money he had saved from the loss of his hand

Curley picks a fight with Lennie. Lennie does not hit back despite Curley laying into him until Ge tells him to. He grabs hold of Curelys hand and noone can get him off, a bit like lock jaw on a dog he will not let go until he breaks his hand by mistake.

Slim protects Lennie and makes Curley say he accidentally broke his hand in a machine.

This section is important because....

It makes us this for a brief moment that the dream might actually happen…


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