Mice of men section six in detail

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Lennie waits for George at the clearing by the pool

He sees a vision of his Aunt Clara who reprimands him

A vision of a giant rabbit tells Lennie that George will leave him 

George arrives and confronts Lennie and shoots him in the head

Slim comfronts George and tells him he had no choice

This section is important because...

It brings the novella to a dramatic climax

it finishes back where the novella started

It introduces for the first and last time two fantasy vision

Shows Steinbecks brilliance at natural description

It shows the tragic but perhaps inevitable ending to Ge's and Lennies relationship

The section opens with a description reminiscent of the opening of the novella. In the opening there was a heron and a water snake. Now the heron kills the water snake preparing us for the death of Lennie.

Note the marvelous image of the sun blazing on the Gabilan mountains and the contrast with the shade of the pool. Here, as before, Steinbeck uses light in his descriptions. In addition, tiny wind waves, on the water remind us of the…


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