Mice of men section five in detail

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Lennie has accidentally killed the puppy Slim gave him. This is yet again a show that he is not aware of his own strength, it is a sort of warning that Curley's wife should have picked up on when speaking to him in the barn. She is just so desperate for human contact she was oblivious.

He tries to bury the dog in the barn

Curley's wife enters and talks to Lennie about her dislike for Curley and her dreams and her past.

She invites Lennie to stroke her hair but panics when she finally realizes his strength 

Lennie panics and tries to make her quiet, he ends up breaking her neck and burying her in the straw like the dog.

A manhunt is organised to find Lennie who has fled to the river like George kept telling him too

George and Candy realize the dream is over

This section is important because...

It seals Lennies fate. One way or another he is going to die. However there is another surprise in store for how he dies.

It shows Curley's wife's sad loneliness and her negative effect on other people.

It suggests the dream of the farm with die with Lennie, George will carry on as a migrant worker this time alone, much like all the other men in this trade. He will probably end up like Candy one day.

Men and women:

Some feminists argue that Steinbeck encourages old-fashioned stereotypical images of women. They argue Steinbeck sees the use of ***'s as a mans right and that the only women who appear in the novel is a passive victim, a threat to men and someone described simply…


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