Methamorphosis- Modern day Gregor

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How can Gregor be represented in Modern Society?

Social Outcast- Gregor could be excluded due to his lack of social interaction,perhaps he is a quieter personality or disconnects from 'normal' society. In a modern production the setting could be a school, a work place or even a family enviroment. There is nothing outwardly wrong in his appearence, thus making the audience question the motives behind the other characters behaviour.

Race- He could be part of a minority and therefore excluded from society. His character might be a regular citizen but his race makes him inferior and unworthy compared to an alternate race. This could be displayed in a work place or a school.

Religion- Gregor, again, would be excluded due to him possibly being a minority. Perhaps recreating the modern day discrimination and/or assumptions that ignorant people enforce on things they don't like or understand. His…


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