Metal Extraction

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Metal Extraction

  • Metals are often found in ores
  • Ores are rock that contain enough of a certain mineral to make it worth mining.
  • Some examples of ores are - Haematite (iron), chalcopyrite (copper), pyrolusite (Manganese) and Bauxite (Aluminium).
  • Most ores are either Suphides or Oxides
  • It is difficult to extract metals from sulphides so that are roasted in air to covert them into oxides.
  • Sulphur Dioxide is produced as a result of roasting, however sulphur dioide is used as a raw material for sulphuric acid, which is used to make medicines, paints etc.
  • Sulphuric acid is manufactured using the contact process. This uses a Vanadium (V) oxide catalyst.
  • The most reactive metals are extracted using electrolysis. This is an expensive method as the cost of electricity is high.
  • Carbon and sometimes hydrogen is used to extract the less reactive metals.
  • Coke is almost pure carbon and is used to extract metals such as Iron, Manganese and


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