Memory method of loci

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`Memory loci



Outside the 6 doors where three of the doors have the sign “STM” there are two clones Of Peter McKay, he’s holding two nonsense triangles and he’s counting back in 3’s (Peterson and Peterson nonsense trigrams, after 3 seconds 80% correct after 18 10% correct) next to him are an identical set of nann breads, they are all the same (nairne et al, instead of changing what was recalled they kept it the same).  On the other three doors (near ks3) are the letters “LTM” where there is a shepard standing there with a tea towel like thing on his head and a stick and he is covered head to foot in 612 pictures (shepard et al lab experiment, shown 612 pictures, shown pictures mixed up with others then asked to recall, perfect an hour after, 50% 4 months after) he is standing by an old sheep that’s saying “barrrr” he’s reading his school year book, and he’s trying to remember people in it (bahrick et al, 70% correct remembering out of year book).



In the year 7 social area there is a man called Simon eating a miller light yoghurt whilst sitting on a cow named Jacob, on the side of his yoghurt pot it has written hundreds of times in small writing 7+-2 (miller) , and Simon is furious because his name is a 2 syllable word when you STM thinks it’s easier to remember chunks of only one syllable (Simon), the cow has 4 black patches and he disagrees with the yoghurt and is mowing over and over again “the magic number is 4” (Cowan). Jacob also thought the digit span technique was useful and thinks it’s harder to remember letters over numbers.



Just then a badly behaving boy runs into the social area and he’s really mean and wants to so see how forgets what letters so he can make fun of them, he has written on the front of his shirt “STM acoustic” and “LTM semantic” (baddely) his name is brandimote and he keeps saying “lalalalalala” over and over again whilst looking at pictures (bradimote visual encoding in STM)  and his second name is wickens , and he starts saying lots of meaningful things (wickens, semantic in STM). And as he runs outside again it is all frosty and he’s looks at pictures of jack frost and remembers them in his LTM for later (frost, visual in LTM) . Just than nelson Mandela and his friend Roquefort from aristocats come singer saying “acoustic coding in LTM” (nelson and ruthbart, acoustic in LTM).



Over by the basket ball court there is rowan Atkinson (Mr. bean) in a chiffon dress miming about the multi store model (atkinson and shiffrin), he is holding a sterling pound coin in his hand and as you watch it starts to decay (sperling, sensory memory), (the glanitz and cunitz bit I made up is a bit too road to put


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