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Effect of leading questions Loftus and Palmer (74)

 Aim: They wanted to see the effects of leading questions on the accuracy of speed estimates when viewing films of car crashes they tested 45 American student p who watched 7 films of a car accident. After each film Ps had to give a general account of what they had just seen  and answer more specific questions a critical question being asked was about how fast do you think the cars were going before they hit each other  wording of the question IV  as this was changed 5 times 9 PS herd the verb hit and an equal number of Ps were asked the same question but with a  ether the verb, smashed, collided, bumped and contacted, estimate of speed Ps gave in mph was  the DV  

Findings:  smashed 40.8, collided 39.3, bumped 38.1, hit  34.0 contacted 31.8

Conclusion: wording of a question can  effect Ps memory

Evaluation: Lab


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