Memory Notes



- the process by which we retain info about events that happened in the past.

Multi-Store Memory Model:

The short term memory (STM) can hold 7+/-2 pieces of information for 30 seconds. If the info is rehearsed it is transferred to the long term memory (LTM), if its not rehearsed it is forgotten through First In First Out (FIFO).

The LTM holds infinite storage forever, it can be retrieved and is only forgotten through illness or decay.

Why do we forget things?

Info in our STM can be forgotten through displacement, when new info pushes out old info. In the LTM, info can only be lost when overwritten with new info - interferance.

Reterograde amnesia - where the patient cannot recall info from BEFORE the accident, info of the past.

Anterograde amnesia - when a patient is unable to MAKE NEW MEMORIES.

Bartlett 1932: the reconstructive memory,

- investigated how info changes with each reproduction + how info changed.

- the book "war of ghosts" was picked as it would've been unknown to participants.

The first participant read the story 2x themselves (serial reproduction) then, after 15-30 minutes, they retold the story to the second person. This went on like a chain.

For the repeated reproduction task, each participant was tested separately after reading the story 2x, 15 minutes later they gave their reproduction of it. Later reproductions occured at 20 hours, 6 months and 10 years for different participants.

He found


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