Multi-store Model of Memory and Coding, Capacity and Duration

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Multi-store model of memory 

  • proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)
  • consists of 3 stores: sensory register, STM and LTM 
  • info passes through the stores in a linear way to become a memory
  • STM and LTM stores are separate but unitary 

Components of the MSM

sensory register: where info from the environment is stored, info can be auditory or visual info. 

STM: when you pay attention to the info in the sensory register or think about it, it is converted into a short term memory.  

LTM: if the info in the STM is rehearsed, it transfers into the long term memory store where it can stay there for a long time

but if the information is not important or rehearsed, it either decays or disappears

Evidence for the MSM

1.  Glanzer and Cunitz (1966):

- presented 2 groups w// the same list of words

- group 1 had to recall the words straight after they were presented

- group 2 had to wait 30 seconds before recall

- both groups had to do the Brown Peterson (BP) technique


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