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Growth of the cell, in terms of size and cytoplasm.

S 1

Synthesis of the DNA so there are 2 sets within the cell ready for the two new cells.


Even more growth of the cell.

Prophase 1

  • Nuclear envelope starts to break down.
  • Chromosomes start to condense.
  • Centrioles form spindle fibres which attach to the centimeres of the chromosomes.

Metaphase 1

  • Chomosomes line up in the middle of the cell.
  • Centrioles migrate to the poles.

Anaphase 1

  • The Chromosomes are ripped apart at the middle, into two chromotids and the spindle fibres contract
  • .The chromotids end up and the poles and spindle fibres break down.

Telephase 1

  • The…


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