Medieval Living Conditions


Medieval Living Condtions:
Peasants  had a limited diet.

Subsistence farming- when peasants only produced what they need to survive.Though, due to this, that was little spare food available and a bad harvest could be disastrous as they depended on crops.

Fresh fish was easy to catch for those who lived near rivers, but fresh meat was very difficuly to get. Most peasants often kept cows to make dairy products. 

Having bad weather made if even more difficult to grow crops and could dage stored food. 

Many were malnourish, people starved especially when crop failures led to a major famine.

Housing Conditions:

Houses were fairly smal, wooden frames and walls were made up of sticks and clay, roofs were thatched and the floor was hard earth. 

The open fire was mainly usef for heating and cooking although it was a poor source of heat as it gave off lots of smoke that was breathed in by the poeple living in…


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