Medicine Through Time - Greek Medicine

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Greek Medicine

  • Asclepios - Greek God of healing.
  • Asclepion - Temple of the Greek God. Includes baths and temple to worship.
  • Hygeia and Panacea - Asclepius' daughters. Helped heal the sick.
  • A healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy body was popular. They believed eating and drinking well helped to keep the body healthy. Exercise was also an important part of their daily routine.
  • People would visit the Asclepion to pray to the God Asclepios and hope to be healed.
  • The Asclepion was used to relax, swim, exercise and pray.
  • They would spend at least one night in the Asclepion in a room called the Abaton. This is where they would hope the Greek God would visit them in their sleep (or his daughters) and hope that they would wake up healed.
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