Medicine Through Time - Egyptian Medicine

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Egyptian Medicine

  • Compared to the prehistoric period they lived in a community, in one place.
  • Farmers were fairly wealthy because the River Nile flooded over their land and helped their crops grow. They also had powerful rulers - Pharaohs.
  • The egyptians cleaned regularly and bathed in holy water.
  • The rich could afford doctors to look after them.
  • The tools were improved and specialist craftmen made fine bronze instruments for the doctors to work with.
  • They had wide spread trade links. New plants and herbs were transported from Africa, India and China. This meant that healers improved their herbal medicines.
  • They developed writing. Doctors benefitted because treatments could be written down and analysed by others. They wrote their findings on papyrus scrolls. This was the main improvement from Prehistoric to Egyptians.
  • They were religious and their supernatural beliefs in an afterlife helped


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