Medicine and War

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Medicine and War 

Discuss ways in which the war impacted on men's health. What if anything do the responses tell us about the public's attitude to gender? 

Joanna Burke:

Main argument- The medical transition of viewing mental illness within the military, how it was dealt with and also how the experience of war realted to civilian expereience of malingering.

  • Shell shock needed to be stuided as it "irrevocably blurred the rigid distinction made between the body and the mind" 
  • Attitudes toward the mentally ill: 
    • the pervious attitude towards the mentally ill was changing as it was not longer acceptable to be labelled as a coward as morale would be wrecked.
    • Social division within the society: as higher class soliders were getting mentally ill hence change was called for
    • YET the war had little lasting impact on the attitudes toward male mental illness

The mentally ill started to be treated as though it was a disease of the 'will' rather than of 'nerve force'. Men became more blame worthy for thier illnesses.

As there was a…


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