Medicine and Treatment

After Romans left (410AD) PH got worse

  • human/animal filth covered streets
  • sewers overflowed (caused spread of excrement and stench)
  • dirty butchers (threw out blood and animal waste)
  • pigs and chickens roamed the streets

Why did it get worse?

  • barbarian tribes allowed queducts and public baths to decay/break
  • taxes were not spent on PH
  • attitudes to PH were poor (people did not care about hygiene)
  • no skilled engineers to bring out improvements 

Some improvement in PH in towns after c1350

  • water storage pits/cesspools started to be built out of stone
  • people fined for littering or urinating on streets
  • dirty butchers banned
  • some towns employed rackers to sweep streets

Why was the Churhc powerful


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