Medicine Through Time - Overview

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Medieval England, C 1250-1500 (middle ages?)

The Renaissance, C 1500-1700 (16th-17th century)

18th and 19th century Britian, C 1700-1900

Modern Britain, C1900-Present day

Medieval, C 1250-1500

Ideas about causes of disease and illness

  • God's punishment
  • Four humours (black bile, yellow bile, blood, phlegm)
  • Miasma (bad air)

Methods of PREVENTING disease and illness

  • Pomanders
  • Sweet smelling herbs
  • Fires
  • Praying

Methods of TREATING disease and illness

  • Bleeding
  • Purging/ vomiting
  • Herbal remedies

Renaissance, C 1500-1700



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