Medicine Through Time (9-1)

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Medieval Beliefs:

  • People believed in the Christian God
  • So politics and medicine were dominated by the Roman Catholic Church
  • The Church held the most authority 
  • People who questioned authority risked execution

Causes of medical stagnation in the Middle Ages:

  • loss of medical knowledge
  • bad doctors
  • church forbade dissection and encouraged prayer a superstition
  • emphasis on authority rather than observation and investigation
  • lack of resources to build public health systems

Church hindered progress by:

  • forbidding dissection of human corpses
  • insisting that people agree with Galen's ideas
  • making people rely on prayers to the saint to cure diseases
  • encouraging that disease was a punishment from God

However...The Church did:

  • provide hospitals for pregnant women
  • opened medical schools

Indulgences=certificates from the pope which enabled forgiveness of sins and enable you to go to heaven 

Pilgrimages= a visit to a holy shrine which might bring about a cure

The church forbade the dissection of human bodies so knowledge was hard to come by and ignorance led to numerous errors and misunderstandings on the part of Medieval doctors.

Medieval causes of disease:

  • demons
  • sin
  • bad smells (miasma)
  • astrology and the…


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