Medical Diagnosis

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What is a DNA microray?

A DNA microray is a glass slide with microscopic spots of different DNA probes attached to it in rows. A sample of labelled human DNA is washed over the array. If the labelled human DNA contains any DNA sequences that match any of the probes, it will stick to the array. The array is washed, in order to remove any labelled DNA that hasn't stuck to it. The array is then visualised under UV light- any labelled DNA attached to a probe will show up (fluorece).  Any spot that fluoreces means that the person's DNA contains that specific gene. E.g if the probe is for a mutated gene that causes a genetic disorder, this person has that gene and so has the disorder.

How can DNA sequencing and PCR be used to screen patients for clinically important genes?

Gene sequencing can be used to determine the order of bases in a section of DNA (gene). It can be carried out to let you sequence


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