Media Terminology

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Gender Theories
     -Queer Theory (Judith Butler)
     -Male Gaze - Laura Mulvey
     -Gender as perfermance

Audience Theories
     -2 step flow - more sofisticated (views hyperdermic syringe - too clumsy)
     -reception theory
     -uses and gratifications

Economic superstructure/base
     -re-distribution of power and wealth
     -marshall mcluheun 'global village'

Post colonialism: Refers to the ways race ethnicity, culture and human identity itself are represented in the modern era after many colonialised countries gained independance.
Post colonial theorists speak for those silenced by the dominant ideologist.
     -after the old fashioned colonialism ends the formally colonialised nations begins to reclaim their own cultural identities and they asimulate and alter the cultural product and ideas of the former colonialist

Colonialism: Is the building and maintaining of colonies in one territory by people from another colony. Also had a number of effects that benifits the world capitalist system.

Globalisation: Is the process in which economies, society and culture have become connected all around the world. Through communication, trade and transport. This creates a global network.
     -the world getting smaller within developments in technology (transport etc)

Marxists: view colonialisation as forcing exploitations, social change, uneven development and distorted economics.

Modern colonialism: introducing of one culture cultural products to the determent of the indigenous culture.

     -Generalised view of groups
     -quick consideration, more cautious
     -helps to make quick decisions
     -everyone is different (negative view)

Feminism critiqued - the links between biology…


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