Media Representations of Sexuality

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Media representations of sexuality

Young People

Batchelor: Mass media plays an important role in shaping knowledge and attitudes of young people regarding sexuality. Some aspects are very positive - publicising sexual health information, consent and 'readiness'.

Limitations: If teens are over 16, it is assumed that they are sexually active, contraception and 'how far to go' were considered female responsibilities, no examples of how to raise concerns such as safter sex (in terms of STIs) and a lack of positive images for lesbian and gay teens.


Dyer: Homosexuality is not visible just by looking at an individual, so media constructs 'signs of gayness' (vocal tics, expressions, mannerisms, stances and clothing) to make it clear to the audience.

Gerbner et al: The media symbolically annhilate gays and lesbians by negatively stereotyping them and rarely portraying them realistically or not portraying them at all

Craig: When homosexual characters are portrayed in the media, they are often stereotyped as having particular characteristics:

Camp - a characteristically




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