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Why did Pope Urban launch the second crusade?

Introduction: Pope Urban fundamentally launched the crusade to increase and consolidate Papal power. Due to the Investiture Contest in 1075, Pope Gregory VII had given the papecy more power and the enchroachment of the Muslims through Spain towards Constantinople was only of benefit for Pope Urban to quench his thirst for more gain. It took Urban six months to reply to Alexius Commenuses appeal suggesting that helping Constantinople was not a priority. Furthermore it was questionable whether Alexius had asked for an army but rather for mercenaries to help him defend the city against the Seljuk Turks. 

Claim 1: Increase/Consolidate papal power:

Historians such as Jonathen Philips, believe that the launch of the crusade was pre-meditated and sought for materialistic gain disguised behind the cloak of religion. 

Indulgence's-bribery used to make people join 

-Investiture contest made Urban power hungry


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