Medea - basic plot


 Lines 1-16:

Overview: Outsdie of her and Jasons' house in Corinth. The nurse recalls the events leading to a crisis, since Medeas' "world has turned to enmity" (line 15). The story begins when Jason and his men, sail to Colchis, Medeas' homeland in Asia, in search of  legendary golden fleece. Medea, a sourceress and princess, falls in love with Jason, and therefore uses her magic to secure the fleece. She disobeyed her father, meaning she has to flee Colchis to Iolcus, Jasons home. She continued to use her magic, after a while, she tricks the kings daughters into killing their own father, a rival king to Jason, Pellus. The two have to flee Iolcus, and gain sanctuary in Corinth. Jason and Medea, have two children, this gives them creditbility and they earn  a "citizens' welcome" (line 12). However this story begins when Jason abandons Medea and his own children to marry Glauce, the daughter of Creon, the king of Corinth, in hope that he (jason) will increase his


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