Mechanics (2821, G481) OCR Vectors and Moments Definitions, Equations and Units.

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Some Definitions and Equations with Units.

Moment = Force x Perpendicular distance to pivot.

Force: N

Distance: M

 Moment: Nm (NxM hence dist. x force)

Eg. 1 Define a Moment:

When a body is in equilibrium Anticlockwise Moments = Clockwise Moments.


(Jan 09 q.5 a.)

Define a Newton:

1N is required to accelerate an object of 1kg at 1ms(^-2)

Torque of a couple = Magnitude of one of the force x Distance between forces. 

Froce: N





We must be at the same stage as you at school as these are all the equations we have used so far... Thanks for the overview!!!

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