Mechanics 1

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1)      Formula for acceleration= Change in velocity/ time

2)      Car accelerates from rest to 15cm/s in 3s. Acceleration =?

15/3= 5cm/s2 = 0.05m/s2

3)      Speed increases steadily from 5m/s to 17m/s in 10s. Acc=  1.2m/s squared

4)      Motorcycle takes 10s to accelerate from 20km/h to 92 km/h/ Acc=?  

Resultant forces

When standing up on the floor, your weight force is pulling downwards whereas there is an equal reaction force upwards. This keeps you up. If weight and reaction force are equal, you don’t accelerate.

Newton’s first law

An object will continue in its current state of motion unless a force acts on it.

Unbalanced forces. Resultant force is 4n to the right. Object accelerates to the right.  

Parachute business

1)      You fall and initially accelerate…


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