Measure for Measure Scene by Scene


Act I Scene I-III

  • Lord Angelo get temporary leadership of Vienna
  • People begin to find out that Claudio is to be imprisoned for impregnating Juliet
  • Mistress Overdone worries about work as the new rule of brothels is introduced
  • Lucio is surprised that Claudios penalty is so high
  • Lucio encourages Claudio to appeal and Claudio asks to find his sister to do it
  • Claudio is to serve as an example

Act I Scene III-IV

  • Duke asks monastery to hide him and wants to observe Angelo in disguise
  • Meanwhile Isabella is being introduced to the ways of nunnery
  • Lucio finds Isabella and she asks how she can help
  • Lucio says Isabella should visit Angelo and use her 'femiminie charm' and 'submissiveness'

Act II Scene I

  • Angelo tells Esculas that they must not waver in their decision
  • Angelo said he hopes to be treated with the same strictness if he did wrong
  • Elbow brings two 'notorious benefactors' to Angelo

Act II Scene II-IV

  • Isabella goes to Angelo to beg for her brother's mercy. She asks if Claudio must die and he says yes,
  • She continues to plead and Angelo tells her to leave. Finally Angelo says he will think about it.
  • Isabella agrees to return the next day
  • The scene ends with Angelo realising that he wants Isabella in a sexual
  • The duke disguised as a friar meets Isabella at the prison…


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