Maths Unit 3 Difficult Topics

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Transformations of Functions - Key Points

Y (always outside brackets) the transformations are parallel to the y axis

  • y = f(x) +a --> Moves the graph up a units (if negative it moves the graph down a units)
  • y = af(x) --> Stretched (or squashed if x/a) vertically [y axis]
  • y = -f(x) --> Reflection in the x axis

X (always inside brackets) the transformations are parallel to the x axis

  • y = f(x+a) --> Moves graph to the left if + and to the right if -
  • y = f(ax) --> Squashed (or stretched if x/a) horizontally [x axis]
  • y + f(-x) --> Reflection in the y axis


  • y = af (x/a) --> enlargement, scale factor a, centre is origin of y = f(x)
  • y = -f(-x) --> rotation by 180degrees aboout the origin of y = f(x)

Congruence and Similarity

  • Congruence means exactly the same…


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These are really good notes but wheres the bit about vectors?

Thats the bit i need help with most :'(

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