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Expanding Simplyfiying And Working out the letter

To Expand and Simplyify and Equation you have to times everything in the brackets by the outter number.

EG. 7(5m-4)+6(2m-5)   Remeber if you get a ++=+

if you get --=+ if you get -+=- and if you get +-=-

35m-28+12m-30 Now you simplify them by adding the two 'First numbers'  35m+12m=47m

then add the second numbers -28+-30 because theres at +- you turn it into a minus so the question would be -28-30=-58 so the full answer woul be 47m-58

Now look at these

EG.    Now lets look at these in a different way 7(5m-4) +6(2m-5) 

FIND M   We already know that 7(5m-4) = 35m-28 and we know that 6(2m-5) = 12m-30

To find M you put them together 35m-28=12m-30 First you would minus 12m from both sides you start on the right doesnt matter if the number is smaller or bigger. The answer would be

23m-28=-30 You would now add 28 Because you go from right to left the second step you always add or minus from the left. Remeber you are trying to get the number to Zero on other questions you might have to add to get 0 but what ever it takes go to 0. After you add 28 on both sides you would get 23m = -2…


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