Mass Tourism- Jamaica

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Negative environmental effects- 

  • Due to the large amounts of tourists and water activities available, many natural coral reefs have been destroyed due to the over use of facilities. Examples of this are jet skiis and boat anchors scraping against the base of the sea. As a result, tourists are taking advantage of the opportunities available but in placement, they're tearing apart what makes the environment so appealing to tourists. 
  • A taxi service is used to take tourists from the airports back to where they're staying. In doing this, it emits extra exhaust fumes, releasing CO2. This leads to the transportation links addings to the already rising air pollution levels, disrupting the environment. 

Negative economic effects-

  • The jobs that often come with tourism are seasonal. This means that for some workers, they only work part time each year and live on an unsteady income each month. For many, it has a huge impact on how they live their lives and what they can buy each month.
  • Many tourism base businesses are owned by foreign companies.


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