Mass Tourism - Case Study

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Kenya is in East Africa. It gets over 700 000 visitors per year. 

People visit because: 

It has a fascinating tribal culture and lots of wildlife, including the "big five" (rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard). Wildlife safaris are very popular. 

A warm climate with sunshine all year round. 

Beautiful scenery, including savannah, mountains, forests, beaches and coral reefs. 

Tourism has a big impact on Kenya: 

Economic Impacts


Tourism contributes 15% of the country's GNP. 

In 2003, around 219 000 people worked in the tourism industry. 


Only 15% of the money earned through tourism goes to locals. The rest goes to the big companies. 

Social Impacts 


The culture and customs of the native Maasai tribe are preserved because things like traditional dancing are often displayed for tourists. 


Some Maasai tribespeople were forced off their land to create National Parks for tourists.


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