Mass & Niche Markets

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A Mass Market Is The Term Used To Describe A Broad, Non-Targeted, Non-Segmented Markets. Firms Which Produce For The Mass Market Will Generally Produce Large Quantities Of Goods & Services For Consumption By A Large Number Of Consumers.

Examples Of Mass Market Products Include Many Of The Widely Avaliable Popular Brands From Ariel To The Ford Mondeo.

Many Firms Aim To Produce For The Mass Market As They Believe It Is The Most Effective Route To Profitability & Success.

  • It Significantly Increases The Number Of Possible Customers A Firm Can Access & Therefore Potentially Leads To Greater Levels Of Sales & Turnover For The Firm
  • Producing A Standarised Product For A Mass


Kristopher Joey Lee Cussans


Very good information and revision notes however I don't like how every  word starts with a capital letter and the titles are all caps.

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