Mass Media - Cultural Effects Theory: GUMG

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Marxist cultural effects theory recognises that the media are owned and heavily influenced by the dominant and most powerful groups in society, and their interests strongly influence the content of the media. Content is mainly in keeping with the dominant ideology. Cultural effects theory argues that the media gradually influence the audience over a period of time.

Media converage of particular issues result in most people coming to believe that media perspectives on particular issues are correect - these reflect a consensus that generally fails to challenge ruling class ideology.

Argues that television content has been deliberately dumbed down:

  • has been a decline in the number of serious programmes, such as the news that might make the audience think critically about the world, instead, reality shows such as big brother dominate, celebrating consumption and dubious forms of behaviour.
  • Curran - popular tabloid newspapers are also guilty of these ideological pratices and it is in their coverage of entertainment issues where this is most obvious. By focusing on individual issues our attention is diverted from collective societal issues. Popular press also support a 'common - sense' view of the world that helps to maintain and justify existing inequalities…


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