Marxist Views on Religion

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  • All of society is divided into 2 classes one of which exploits  the labour of the other
  • Marx predicted that the working class will soon realise that they are being wrongfully exploited and wil rise up and fight capitalism. This will result in a classless society. Religion is a factor in a classed society so it will no longer be needed and will disappear
  • RELIGION AS AN IDEOLOGY= Marx argues that the u.class control most institutions such as religion, education and law. They use these institutions to legitimise their wealth etc and to legitimise the working class' exploitation, this distorts the marginalised's views on the reason why they are poor and being used. People interpret the bible and other holy books to exploit the working class into believeing that they are poor and that is fact, there is nothing they can do about it but they will be rewarded later.


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