Marxist Approach:


Marxist Approach:

  • Conflict perspective is that the groups within societies have different views
  • Education is organised in a way where some people benefit and others dont
  • Significant improvement can only be achieved if they are accompanied by wider society changes
  • This serves the needs  of the economic base which contains everything within the production of society
  • The base shapes the superstructure snd th superstucture maintains snd justifies the base

Bourgeosie: - Upper class, control the means of production

Proletariat: - Working class, work force that drives the means of production

Superstructure: - Institutions that make up society and can control the population - religion, education, prison..

Capitalism:- A society the is based on comsumption and consumerism

For Marxs education has two man purposes:

- Reproduces inequalities

- Serves to legitamate these inqualities through myth of meritocracy


- The working class' cultural attributes are rejected because the middle class suceed by…


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