Marxism and Family 3 cont.

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Eli Zaretsky on Family

  • Not much different from Parsons h/e benefits ruling class for 3 reasons.
  • Socialisation of children - into norms and values that are useful to ruling class - family is ideological agent. In family children learn obedience and respect for authority - individuals can be exploited later in life - more likely to see capitalist class' power and authority as natural. 
  • Psychological outlet - Comforting device for the worker against oppressive workplace - frustrations at work are forgotten at home as quality time is spent - return to work next day to be exploited again. In 80s Ford only employed married men as they were more reluctant to strike as they had families to earn money for.
  • Economic function - Main institution where consumer goods are consumed so essential for success of capitalist system. Family is encouraged to 'keep up with the Jones'' and buy more consumer products. 

Pierre Bourdieu

  • Class inequalities are reproduced generation after generation within families.
  • Hard for bright working class kids to get upward social mobility because working class families often lack economic capital that middle class take for granted…


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