Marriage and Family

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How have attitudes changed since the 1960's

  • Sex - Used to be a taboo topic, No sex before marriage, Only ever one partner
  • Marriage - No divorce, married by 25
  • Family Life- Nuclear, Men work women stay at home
  • Divorce - Not common, only men could, Expensive
  • Homosexuality- Mental illness, illegal, taboo

Why have attitudes changed?

  • Sex- Contraception, media, education, people arent as religious
  • Marriage - No obligation to get married, Divorce is easier
  • Family Life - Technology, Divorce, Feminism, Equal rights
  • Divorce - Equal rights, media, less religious
  • Homosexuality - Homosexuality becaem decriminalised, Gay marriage, media, medical reasearch.

What are the catholic views on sex outside of marriage?

  • Sex should only be between a married couple who plan on having children 
  • 'Sex outside of marriage is a grave sin' - Catechism 
  • 'Go forth and multiply'

What are the Church of Englands view on sex outside of marriage?

  • Sex in any commited relationship is acceptable
  • Sex is a way of expressing love and commitment 
  • Only have children inside a marriage

What is the purpose of marriage and how is it shown in the wedding ceremony?

  • Support and comfort, which is shown through the vows 
  • Union, Shown in the signing of the register 
  • Procreation - To have children
  • Endless, Exchange of the rings
  • Raising…


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